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ACE VR aims to streamline design, engineering, and construction by improving information flow. ACE VR is a virtual reality of a construction project across its lifecycle, using the 3D model created in the design stage and real-time data to enable understanding, learning, and reasoning.

ACE VR promotes the application of Virtual Reality (VR) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in project planning, design review and construction planning analysis for project owners, architects, engineers, and construction managers.

ACE VR realizes projects in virtual environment in early stages and enable project stakeholders to visualize, analyze, and optimize the project before it is built which results in significant cost and time saving.

Utilizing the emerging technologies and methods such as data driven 3D modelling, data analysis and the Internet of Things offer great opportunities for the future development of the construction sector. Prerequisite for the successful Building Construction 4.0 is the creation of a digital twin of a project construction site. BIM and Virtual Reality (VR) enable owners, architects, engineers and contractors to come together and work on a set of information models. When the architects and engineers are collaborating, planning and sharing the information of the project, they are effectively employing BIM. Using BIM, projects of any scale can be constructed; this could be something as small as a house to a mega infrastructure.

ACEVR Features


Get to better design, faster. From concept to data integration, visualization and prototyping, ACE VR enable architects and engineers to catch and adjust flaws while easily collaborating on designs at 1:1 scale in immersive …


As a consequence of our extensive experience in construction and 3D game design, ACE VR can provide you the best ever analyses of data in 3D in real-time. Historical data analysis …


ACE VR lets you manage the sensors with our beautifully designed UI. Management of sensors means it lets you deploy any sensor data on the fly and add them to any report …


ACELedger streamlines project delivery and payment. Using blockchain technology, the BIM model can be seen as the contract between the owner, designers and the contractor. The physical construction needs to match the model …


The intent is to create digital twin for site plans; ACESIM integrates data-driven simulation with BIM and VR to simulate the construction operation processes and …


ACE VR can create rich scenarios that immerse clients in the buying process. From online configurations to virtual showrooms, ACE VR build unique 3D, interactive experiences that help buyers …


Mehrdad Amrolahi

Founder – Sales

Hamid Hajihoseini

Founder – CEO


Founder – CTO


We have tried ACEVR product for our projects in tender stage. It gave us a true understanding of project scope and led us to an accurate estimate for client. The product is great for visualizing the project design, equipment location, and footprint optimization. We are looking forward to seeing more features from this team.


Application Engineer – EFX

We would like to use ACE VR in our future offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico. A strong platform for construction visualization and simulation. 

Hamed M.

Engineering Manager at DSDS

ACEVR helped us a lot to alter our design at early stage and save our cost of changes in the construction phase. The ACEVR professional team service was exceptional during the design development and construction phase. Cannot wait for more to use them in our future commercial developments. 


Manager Artemis Development


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